Acts 29

Over the last ten years Acts 29 has emerged from a small band of brothers to nearly 500 churches around the world. We want to allow a unifying, uncommon movement of God to happen through Acts 29. Centred on the gospel, we desire to advance the mission of Jesus through obediently planting church-planting churches. It is our hope to see this leading to millions of lives changed by the power of the Spirit for the glory of God.

Acts 29 is not a model or a style. We have independent church plants, replants, and existing churches that want to focus on planting new churches out of their existing congregations. Simply, we seek to be a movement of explicitly gospel-centred churches that are serious about planting explicitly gospel-centred churches.

As of 2013, this has led to the following statistics:

  • 482 Churches within Acts 29
  • 142,932 People attending Acts 29 churches
  • 61 Countries supported through the work of Acts 29 churches
  • 6 Continents represented by Acts 29 churches
  • 18 Denominations represented within Acts 29
  • 10,026 Baptisms at Acts 29 churches in 2012
  • $18M Given to church planting initiatives in 2012
  • 273 Church planters sent out in 2012

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