Jonathan Edwards’ “Resolutions” Restarted

It’s been a little over a year since I wrote out my last “resolution” from Jonathan Edwards. For those of you unfamiliar with the process I was going through I wrote a brief explanatory posting before going into it (which can be found here:, but put briefly: Jonathan Edwards was a Christian preacher/theologian and is widely acknowledged to be one of America’s most important intellectuals.

He wrote out 70 Resolutions which he would read through at least once a week in order to re-center himself spiritually/emotionally and to make sure his eyes were fixed on the right things and that his heart would not wander into more dangerous territory.

I got up to Resolution 14 so I will be picking it back up tomorrow with one resolution per day–just expanding on the content and adding my own personal interpretations/thoughts as it comes to mind. I plan on doing a resolution a day until they are completed and hopefully it will be fruitful to you in reading each resolution and interacting with it’s content matter.

Thanks for reading, guys. Please leave any comments as something sparks a particular reaction/thought in you.


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