Book Review: Christ+City (Dennis)

The trend of writing about the city has just begun to catch fire. Books like Tim Keller’s Center Church and Stephen Um and Justin Buzzard’s Why Cities Matter are just a couple of the growing collection of books being written today addressing the trends of the city, significant of cities, and what it means for the Christian church today. Jon Dennis, too, puts his ideas into the growing conversation with his book Christ+City: Why the Greatest Need f the City is the Greatest News of All.

Unlike the other books which try to address the city from many different angles, this book seems to take a particular vantage point on behalf of Christians. Jon Dennis described this in a recent Interview with Um & Buzzard from The Gospel Coalition; he was/is looking to equip his people with a healthier, more biblically-based understanding of the city. Essentially, this book is written with the intention of equipping his believers (and whoever else would care to listen) with a theology of cities and a hope for cities being renewed by the Gospel.

He speaks a lot about the potential for city renewal and building the expectancy for God to do something in their midst. He speaks a lot on the unique opportunities we have with this growing trend and that we ought to be adapting to it to remain effective in the future.

While there are many books on cities & Christianity being published, I think this one is useful and will help keep a particular eye on how the Gospel is the answer to many of the issues unique to cities (and all the issues we ought to be addressing). Take some time to pick it up, read through it, and pray to God what your involvement ought to be; people are headed to the cities in record masses, the Gospel ought to be in their midst as they do so.

A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review purposes by Crossway Publishing. I was not required to post a positive review and the views expressed in this review are my own.


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