Session Four: Textual Preaching (Preaching the Text) [Tony Merida]

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[These are Session 4 notes (Session 1 of Day 2) from the Preach The Word 2013 Acts 29 West Regional Conference in Reno, NV]



[Harvey intro]

-Excellent Resource: Faithful Preaching (Tony Merida)

2 Cor 12:9

“We would all mentally and intellectually ascend that you are our desire, yet we continually turn to smaller things. Let our idols taste like death so that we might enjoy you and long after you”


[Tony Start]

Text: 2 Tim 3:14-4:4

 “What we know not, God teach us,

What we see not, God show us

What we are not, God make us.”

Regarding Calvin: “His whole theological labor was the exposition of scripture”

(The whole of my life is the dedication to this Word)

“Trying to preach without a bible is like trying to play football without a ball”

The overarching message in 2 Timothy – “be different”

Note the “as for you, you however, and you then’s” in the book.

•2 challenges:

-1) Continue in the word personally (v14-15)

Keep learning the bible! Keep studying the scriptures!

“The entirety of our lives, let us be men and women consumed with the Scripture”

We never get to a point where we say “that’s enough, I’ve got what I needed out of the bible” (see 2 Tim 4:13: ‘bring me my books’)

The whole of Paul’s life is People and Parchments

–Continue BELIEVING the Scripture

Believe it haas power to save, power to transform (because it does!).

–Why study the Bible?

-It leads us to Jesus (make us “wise for Salvation)

Paul continually points back to the OT (Acts 17, Acts 13(?), Acts 28, Bookends in Romans) -“according to the scriptures, the law of Moses, as it is written,” etc.

“The bible doesn’t answer all the questions we ever had but all the stuff we need to know”

“The Bible doesn’t tell us how the heavens go but how to go to Heaven.”

We need this (bible) in our souls, personally (reminding us of the Gospel)

“A bible is a HIM book” (cf. Paul: ‘Him we proclaim’)

He is the grand theme of the Bible and He ought to be so in our sermons as well

“Many Christians know stories IN the Bible and not stories OF the Bible”

Study the Scripture to know Christ

Pastors: read the bible with a microscope AND a wide angled lens (tree&forest)

“Make the hero of the bible the hero of every sermon”

“People cannot preach life changing sermons without the life changer at the center of it.”

~~Why bother with the Bible?

-God speaks to us through it.

We know when we come to the scriptures that we are encountering God (not “God was speaking” but “God IS speaking”)

People need God’s word (Luke 16)

“You show what you believe about the Bible with how you use the Bible”

Psalmist: “my heart stands in awe of your word”

~~Why bother with the bible?

-It changes us from the inside out

-It provides doctrinal proof, equips us, encourages us (v16)

How are you doing with this?

May the word lead us to the pulpit, not the pulpit to the word

-2) Preach the word pastorally

1 Tim 4:13 – devote yourself to the public teaching of the word

–Do it faithfully (1 Tim 4:1-2)

Paul reminds us of our accountability (v1) and responsibility (v2)

No preacher ever goes unnoticed (maybe by people and speaking arrangements, but not God)

Always preach in the presence of God.

**”I was worrying about preaching in front of Piper when I’m unmoved by the presence of God in my midst every week”

“It did not matter how many people you’re speaking to, because God has called you to it”

“When the word of God is truly (rightly) preached, the voice of God is truly (rightly) heard”

Some reformers refer to the Bible as the “Third Sacrament” (God administers his grace through it)

Preaching – saying what God has said in His word, and declaring what God had done in Christ

‘Letting texts talk’ (J.I. Packer)

Ranting is not preaching.

“More heresy is preached in application than exegesis”

(Many people in the seats think the pastor is saying ‘thus says the Lord’ because they’ve never read it)

Preaching is preaching the Word.

-We must be careful with this. We hold their souls.

You lose your authority as a pastor when you depart from the scriptures (that is our authority)

When you rant you feed the flesh of people. 

Jeremiah “let him who has my Word speak it faithfully”

Good stuff v. God stuff

Good – gleaned from human observation

God – gleaned from God’s word

~~Preach consistently (v2a)

-Let your ministry be known for (consistency)

-when you feel like it and when you don’t

“In short, I will preach it, teach it, write it, but I will constrain no man by force, for faith must come freely without compulsion.  Take myself as an example.  I opposed indulgences and all the papists, but never with force.  I simply taught, preached, and wrote God’s Word; otherwise I did nothing.  And while I slept [cf. Mark 4:26–29], or drank Wittenberg beer with my friends Philipp and Amsdorf, the Word so greatly weakened the papacy that no prince or emperor ever inflicted such losses upon it.  I did nothing; the Word did everything.” ~ Martin Luther

“That’s the first A29 guy, Luther. –>  ‘I just drank bear and shared the bible’.”

~~Preach it comprehensively (v2b)

Some need to be rebuked, some reproved (convinced), some exhorted (encouraged/edified)

“I think God has given us different genres of literature to touch on all of these.. Consider a back and forth of the genre’s through series’ to give them a holistic view”

~~Preach it patiently (v2c)

Sanctification is a slow process (just look at your life)

It’s going to be messy.

Don’t be discouraged.

There is a cumulative effect in your preaching.

_Charles Simeon story (saved, appointed, locked out of his church, preached outside; still prepared, prayed, preached, etc. / Was ultimately wildly accepted and loved)

How do you work patience into your heart? Cause we need it. 

-The Spirit of God produced patience

-Paul refers to his conversion as a testament to the patience of God (remember how patient God is: Slow to anger, etc.)

~~Preach it theologically (v3)

**3 things preaching does that teaching doesn’t always do:

-1) Evangelize (it is inherently wrapped around scripture)

-2) Involves exhortation (Paul distinguishes between exhortation and teaching)

-3) Involves exultation (reveling in the truth and the God we talk about) // preaching IS worship

People ought to see a guy actually excited about the God he is preaching/teaching about.

Teaching is often present in your preaching – “You have to explain that which  you proclaim.” (Grace? Freedom? Holy? Etc.)

2 Tim 4:3-4 –> reverse this and use it as prayer requests

“They will not endure sound doctrine” –> pray that they will enjoy sound doctrine

Pray that they will be an active participant

“Some have itching ears” –> pray that our listeners hear hard truth humbly

That they will not look after preachers giving soft truths

Pray they will receive hard truth

-Pray they are eager to hear this truth with passion

“They turn away from truth” –>Pray they will receive the truth with hope.

2 Timothy’s overarching message – Present suffering, future glory.

We must always take a long view in ministry (v8; granted to all who has loved his appearing)

   Love His appearing

   You will not regret expounding the word faithfully.

Experience His strength (v17; the Lord’s presence and promise strengthened him)

-Underneath our call to faithfulness is a God who is Faithful

-Under our call to be strong and steady is a God who is strength and power.

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