Book Review: The Best Question Ever (Stanley)

In life we face a ton of questions: where should I go to college? Is this the person I should marry? What is the best decision for my family? So when Andy Stanley presented that he had the “best question ever” I was a bit more than skeptical. How can all of life be wrapped up in one question, right? Well his question helps get at the heart of decision-making processes. Andy Stanley states that using this question will help avoid regretting decisions that were made and provide a more solid filter through which to go about making these life choices. His foundation is from Ephesians 5:15-17 (no, I won’t give it away here, but many other reviews likely do).

Andy Stanley’s book took quite a bit of time to get off the ground for me, and to be honest when I got to the question I was less than floored. However, in typical Andy Stanley fashion he takes what seems to be a straightforward and simple question and begins unravelling the layers like an onion. He guides the reader through three primary areas of utilizing this question (time, finances, and morality) and challenges the reader to seek wisdom, not just that which is ‘not wrong’. In his book he challenges the reader to a constant, sobering, introspection.

I give the book 3/5 stars because while it was helpful in a couple manners, I didn’t ever reach that point of “diving in.” I respect Andy Stanley’s work and absolutely see the value for some, it just never got to that point personally for me.

A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review purposes by the Multnomah Publishing. I was not required to post a positive review and the views expressed in this review are my own.


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