Fulfill YOUR Ministry

As for you,always be sober-minded, endure suffering, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry.

(2 Timothy 4:5; emphasis mine)

For this posting, I’d like to set the tone for my future posts by simplifying my expectations. Instead of posting a wide spectrum of ideas, thoughts, content, etc. [of which this blog will still consist of in some capacity], I am hoping to narrow my focus to 3 particular frameworks and plan to do so through 4 practical applications.

The Frameworks for my Focuses:

-1) Church Leadership/Planting –This particular content-matter will emphasize such topics as a philosophy of ministry, biblical manhood, Triperspectival leadership (Prophet, Priest, King), and overall leadership (both being a leader and becoming a leader/growing as a leader)

-2) Missions This content will be missions-oriented in nature (both locally and globally). This includes content related to the unreached and unengaged, calling as a missionary (and the biblical command to be sent and on mission), and suffering for the sake of the spread of the Gospel)

-3) Gospel Contextualization — Focusing on, as Mark Driscoll says “showing the relevance of the Gospel and not trying to ‘make the Gospel relevant’.” This content matter will also include information from Tim Keller’s work on delivering the Gospel in urban environments from his book Center Church. Lastly it will include what it means to live a life (both personally and congregationally) that is both deep and wide (simply: theologically deep, a depth of the gospel, and wide relationally).

With these three categories in mind, I wish to accomplish them by doing four things.

1) Be affected (It is necessary to be affected by the Gospel before attempting to talk about it or dissect it. We are ever-living out of a response to what God has already done, is doing, and promises to do)

Love well (This happens through intentionality through service, contextualization, and community)

Lead well (Through church leadership, humility, and realizing that I will fail, mess up, and that Jesus alone provides the ability and perfect model of biblical leadership)

Go well (Through understanding what it means to be sent into the world [again, both locally and globally] and to care more about the lost and hurting in this world than living a comfortable Christian lifestyle)

Pray with me as I pursue these things, and pray that Christ will be glorified and magnified in our time.


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