Review: ESV Student Study Bible

I have been really looking forward to doing this review. Crossway has been kind enough to provide me with a review copy (as will be stated below), and I now see why they were so excited about this release.

Filled with 12,000 study notes, introductions and timelines in each book of the Bible, 15 topic based articles, almost 900 new “did you know” facts, and 120 new Bible character profiles, we as readers are empowered to grasp the text and wrestle with themes like never before.

Going into it, I knew I would be provided some resources and context, but I didn’t realize the extent of it all until I started diving into studies on particular texts. The verse cross-references, facts, and study notes truly help develop the text and the themes/contexts already being developed.

Another thing that I really enjoyed was that, though many theological concepts and topics are addressed, it never felt like I was given information that was so far over my head I would never understand it. The student study bible not only provides us the resources, but it’s provided in a way that easy to hold onto, and relevant to understand.

One last area of discussion I wanted to point out is the topic-based articles towards the end of the book. These address important Christian Doctrines to know and understand, and even range in topic from Who is God, to How to Apply the Bible in Everyday Life.

You will truly feel equipped to dive into the Word of God like never before, and the automatic access to is definitely a useful supplement to our study. The Bible I received absolutely did not disappoint and now I see what the hype is all about. I would definitely recommend this Bible to any who are looking to further their knowledge of God’s word, wish to study various topics, and hear popular theologians and pastors exegete on the word of God in the provided study notes (which definitely help!).

A complimentary copy of this (Bible) was provided for review purposes by the Crossway Publishing. I was not required to post a positive review and the views expressed in this review are my own.


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