The Gospel According to Job

“The plain fact is this: if you follow Jesus there will be times when you find yourself absolutely alone, cut off from everyone. In spite of the glorious love and unity that is ours in the Body of Christ, there are bound to come times when the soul must stand utterly alone before God. For there are some traits of the soul, some spiritual qualities, which can only be acquired and perfected in solitude – and not in the comfortable solitude we call “time to ourselves” and of which we all crave a certain amount, but rather the grueling solitary confinement of real loneliness and desertion. There is just no way around it. Without tasting this experience no Christian can become fully Christlike. The via dolorosa, the path to the cross, must be trod alone. Like the dock before the very judgment seat of God, this is a narrow place, wide enough for only one abreast. There is no marriage in Heaven, taught Jesus (Matthew 22:30). We squeak through the pearly gates one by one”

[Taken from Mike Mason’s “The Gospel According to Job”]

May we praise God for the difficult times, knowing that for now we may suffer with Him, that when He returns we may reign with Him.

I pray you will meditate on this idea today.


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