Prayer Will Open The Door

Peter had been arrested and was banged up in jail for the next few days before being executed. Sixteen soldiers were assigned to guard him. The evening before his scheduled execution the believers held an all-night prayer meeting. Suddenly an angel appeared in Peter’s cell and said, ‘…Quick, get up…’ (Acts 12:7 NIV), and his chains fell off. Peter followed him out of prison but had no idea that what the angel was doing was actually happening; he thought he was seeing a vision.

They passed the first and second guards and came to the big iron gate leading to the city; it opened by itself and they went through it. After they had walked the length of the street the angel suddenly disappeared. Baffled, Peter looked around him. Was this for real? When the truth dawned on him, he made a beeline for the gathered believers. A servant girl answered his knock. Hearing Peter’s voice she ran back to tell the others that their prayers had been answered. ‘…You are out of your mind…’ (Acts 12:15 NIV), they told her.

The Bible says that when they opened the door and saw him, ‘They were astonished.’ Wow! After praying all night, these Spirit-filled ‘super-Christians’ were astonished when God actually answered their prayer. They obviously weren’t any more convinced than we are to think that God would miraculously step in, but they prayed anyway and God rewarded their weak incomplete faith. What is the point? Simply this: though your faith is weak and your doubts real, if you will just keep praying and standing on His Word, God will answer and open doors for you too!


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