A29 (San Jose) Session 8 – D.A. Carson (Gospel Imitation)

“The way I see it, every time I preach, millions stay away” [how interesting a perspective this is to battle against the pride of thinking about ministry through a lens of the number of attendees!”]

Matthew 16:13-28

-The nature of the appeal is the sacrifice for the sake of Christ (for the purpose of winning souls!)

  • We say salvation is by grace alone through faith alone and yet that it will cost us nothing short of everything

Jim Elliot quote (“He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose.”)

  • Yes, we gain the cross through faith (grace; transformation) // are called to proclaim/protect it (gospel preservation) // and now are called to work it out (gospel imitation)

v.16 – Truth but limited (no category for a crucified Christ).

This is the first of 5 explicit predictions in Matthew [another found in v.21]

-v.24 – To be His disciple, you’re called to death/shame [not everyone is called to this literally… but some are]

This challenge divides people into 4 parts/ways:

1) Into two groups (v.25)  — It’s black or white; one or the other, no middle ground

-If you die, you’ll live; give to receive; it’s everywhere in the Gospel

2) Ultimate Values (v.26)

-Living in light of eternity is what motivates us to die to ourselves now

We must accompany our successes with proclamation, otherwise it’s worthless.

3) This challenge cannot be avoided (v.27)

  • Indecision is a decision towards self-interest
  • We must intentionally pursue Christ

4) Will soon be made more urgent (v.28)

-Ch. 10, here, and ch 24 –> we see this 3 times in slightly different contexts

-The onset of Christ’s kingly reign; proclamation of the gospel, lives being saved, etc. (power demonstrated)

–Concept of “reward” –> C.S. Lewis [[listen to sermon for exact breakdown]] ; “consummation of a relationship” [not undue and obscene]

It can never be duplicated and imitated, but must be done.

In the end, we will be holding on to our cross… WITH JOY

[note/focus on the final 3-4 minutes of sermon for some incredible Gospel Proclamation].

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