A29 (San Jose) Session 7 – Scott Thomas (Gospel-Centered Leadership)

Acts 20:28-31

Main point? –> Care for the church of God (shepherd)

-Too often we can get trapped with a: minimal longing for Jesus, a minimal longing for joy/gladness, a minimal dependence on God, and a maximum burden on our selves [we try to develop systems and strategies and can all to often operate apart from the Gospel and on our own power].

Pay careful attention to yourselves:

1) In your teaching (v. 28-29), cf. v.20,27

  • A good shepherd points to the chief shepherd [“follow me only as I follow Him”; cf. Paul]

2) In your marriage

  • Every decision you make now has long-lasting implications

3) In your finances

Stay within your limits, don’t be a consumer

-A man must provide for his family (and be able to ask when he has need)

4) In your ego

Pastors: deal with your insecurity [note entire section]

Network with other pastors

don’t get focused on the hype — it quickly becomes self-centered instead of God-focused

5) In your frustration

It can be difficult and overwhelming

[not part on angry people/marriage frustrations]

Speak up about it! [don’t allow it to bottle up and dwell]

“I’d rather make someone angry for speaking up in Truth rather than festering in it”

-Deal with frustration in a Gospel-centered way [you are a peacemaker, not a peacefaker or peacebreaker].

6) In your identity (in Jesus!)

-cf. Hebrews 4 (Jesus endured all temptation)

-Note 4 source idols [cf. from “Church-Planter” by Darrin Pattrick] — power, approval, comfort, security

–We are tempted in these same ways!

-This allows us to enter into worship [we need a vertical focus]

We must turn from:    identity — worship   // to //


||            [tilt the spectrum vertically]


John Calvin quote (roughly) – “if you don’t take care of yourself we’re automatically disqualified to care for the flock”

–Only through Jesus is this possible.


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