A29 (San Jose) Session 6 – Jeff Vanderstelt (Gospel-Centered Disciples)

Various scriptures [to be listed below]

  • “If, in the end, you aren’t developing disciples who make disciples, you’re missing the point.

What is a disciple? [will be more greatly/specifically developed when sermon audio/video becomes available. I wanted to use his word for word definitional statement here]

cf. “Go and make disciples” –> “Be my witnesses”

  • Discipleship must include proclamation of Jesus Christ [both to those who don’t know Him and those who say they do and aren’t living like it]

We are the people of God saved by the power of God for the purposes of God (cf. Ephesians 1).

  • Your job [as a pastor/leader] is not to do the ministry for the church, but to equip others to accomplish the ministry.

You can’t put yourself at the front, rather, you must point them to Jesus or else you’ll kill yourself and disillusion others [… and besides, “you’re a terrible Jesus”]

v.15 – Truth in love points to Jesus [cf. the example used ; do not say “I’m speaking the truth in love… [insert rebuking point here]”, but rather, you must deliver the Truth! (that is, the Gospel) ; we must integrate Jesus into this, not merely point out a flaw, or it is actually not speaking the truth in love at all.

  • People need Jesus, not you [cf. Colossians 2:6,7].

-Note his section on Gospel interpretation paralleling with language fluency (everything is filtered through the Gospel).

  • We, as a church, seem to be entirely content on keeping people spiritually immature [we’re content with having them merely attend once a week and seek the pastor’s delivery as their primary (only?) source of spiritual integration]

We MUST be equipping them! We must be developing them to “go and do”!

  • Our congregation must be fed not by passive listening, but gospel application

“My desire is that ever member of my church will… [again, I will develop this thought specifically with Jeff’s words when it becomes available; topic is discussing the development of his people and what gospel competencies they will have]…

  • We must recapture the call of God on our lives to equip the saints

So how?

-Make sure they know the Gospel (and it MUST be Christ-centered!)

-They must be able to critique us as a church biblically and explain their reasoning [again, not passive listeners, but relevantly engaging and seeking to see things biblically exercised].

Things to ask yourself/Examine –

Does our preaching proclaim/magnify the Gospel?

-What about your songs?

-Do you have communion regularly?

-Pay attention to your baptisms (confessional transformation)

-___ ___ your offerings (not just paying bills; advancement)     — [missed this one. will fill in when sermon audio/video is released]

-Be honest about your personal need for Christ [our need for a changed and transformed heart]

  • When you’re passionate about the Gospel, you’re gripped by it [and therefore motivated to share it with unction]

Your people must be equipped to go and do.

Marks of a Gospel Fluent Culture

1) Life-on-Life approach (more than Sunday sermons)

-This includes learning through sharing life [for both parties involved] — this was cf. in his message with the reference to his open-door policy and modeling gospel-centrality during a fight with his wife (how will they know how to resolve issues biblically if they do not see it done?)

-Elders as modeling it (in and amongst) — here Jeff also spoke about a pastor not being able to properly examine the qualifications of an Elder is he has not lived life alongside him [the answers cannot be uncovered by a mere exam and Q&A]

2) Life in community (live life together)

This enables us to not only love Jesus with one another and encourage one-another, but to know how to more specifically [and with relevance] administer the Gospel to/for them. (note his example given)

3) Life on Mission

The mission of the Gospel reveals our unbelief

–This is the missional focus:

  • God will always call you to do something you can’t do apart from Him.





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