A29 (San Jose) Session 2 – Matt Chandler (Preaching the Gospel)

  • 1 Corinthians 15:1-6

Let me remind you, brothers, of THE GOSPEL [so awesome is the repetition of this concept, Praise God].

-“I had grown up in church..but this was the first time I heard the Gospel”

In all the different contexts we’ve grown up around, how have we never heard it?!

I’m deathly aware that you can hear the Gospel and not hear it [however, I’ve seen that in most of these cases, it’s an outright neglect of the church; truly, sadly to say, not presenting the Gospel].

  • “… and you will forsake everything else to get there” [will be further developed as the full sermon (audio/video) becomes available in the coming days/weeks.
  • So many people try to work out the Gospel implications without the “why” (without speaking the Gospel itself!)

Conference resolve –> fallout [ie “I’ll change, I’m going to be different, I’ll never do XYZ again!” but then a couple weeks afterwards we’ve broken every one of our ‘promises’ to ourselves and to God]

–When we mess up [fall short, sin, etc.], we need to run TO Him not FROM Him.–

  • Are you the Christian that… *cf. self-righteous actions/self-affirmation apart from the Gospel* [again, will expand and develop more when the sermon audio/video is provided. I don’t want to paraphrase and not do this section justice].
  • The Gospel must be explicit in your teaching, not merely assumed (these assumptions lead to ‘moralistic therapeutic deism”)

Keep bringing it back to Jesus (it must ALWAYS come back to Jesus).

Paul was eager to preach the Gospel to believers who KNOW THE GOSPEL! (cf. Romans 1 “brothers”, Galatians as ‘Angry Paul’)

Paul both delivers the Gospel AND unpacks the gospel implications

Implications cannot be delivered absent from the Gospel.

Implications do not lead to regeneration.

“I’m a Christian because I don’t do this…” (we try to set some moral bar to measure ourselves against; the bar we set ought to be Jesus’ perfection, and we must reside in His grace, not our attempts and failures to reach it on our own strength)

  • Have you ever seen a man more free than Paul? (to die is gain, to live is Christ and other reactions)

v. 1 (past tense: ‘saved’, present tense: sustaining you)

v.2 (future tense: carries you into future glory)

  • The Gospel isn’t some door you enter in through; it’s the entire point!

Big [things; churches; accomplishments; etc.] will be burned to see that’s actually there [don’t put your hope and dependence and joy in numbers]

  • B.B. Warfield quote [“accepted for Christ’s sake…no matter what our…”] (will provide full quote upon audio/video release)

We’re comfortable for the most part with the Gospel in the New Testament (though pretty vague in the Old Testament)


1) Redemptive Historical Progression

-Have a cosmic view of what God is doing in all of history

-Ultimately, the book is not about you (cf. David/Goliath; You aren’t David! Jesus is David!) — see this clip for more: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHGy_dNDkuM

-This means seeing what Gos is accomplishing from Genesis through Revelation

-This requires you to know your Bible!

2) Promise Fulfillment

cf. Isa 53:1-7 (Here’s the promise, here’s the fulfillment)

3) Typologies

-(EVENTS) Foreshadows of Jesus (Exodus 12; passover) –> Luke 22 // sacrifice the blood of the spotless lamb

-(INSTITUTIONS) Hebrews–>Jesus is the greater High Priest

There’s a continual need for sacrifice

The altar is closed (cf. Hebrews)-> Jesus has done it.

4) Analogies (likening the Old Testament –> Jesus’ teachings)

cf. Ecclesiastes 2:18-19, Luke 12:19-21

5) Longitudinal Themes (themes woven all throughout the Bible)

ex. fear of God (note the scriptures referenced)**

-Matthew 10:28 Jesus doesn’t step outside the themes, rather, He fulfills them

6) New Testament References

cf. Isaiah 42:2-4, Matthew 12:19-21, Isaiah 61

7) Contrasts

Ecclesiastes 2:18 and others (all is vanity; man gains nothing; we labor in vain)

Paul –> 1 Corinthians 15:58

Making much of Jesus in word and deed

  • Spurgeon quote (for every text in scripture there is a road to Christ.. the sermon cannot do any good without a savor of Christ!) … “Let’s get to Jesus!”

Understand..grasp..get..LOVE the Gospel.

  • If the Kingdom of God (and salvation of souls) hinges on you, we’re in a lot of trouble [but praise God it isn’t!]

Preach the Gospel // Let the Holy Spirit Guide [act in obedience]

“Most of you are either self-righteous or exhausted.”


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