A29 (San Jose) Session 1 – D.A. Carson (Gospel Transformation)

Today I’ll start transcribing my notes for the San Jose Boot Camp (Acts 29) sessions for you all. I hope they will be beneficial and I’d love for these to stir up dialogue and comments and I pray the notes will resurface thoughts for you. [Also, a bit of symbol explanation: anytime you see a bullet point, that would indicate a hefty concept or “Gospel Bomb” that was dropped. Or just something I felt worthy of pointing out :]

D.A. Carson (Gospel Transformation)

John 3:1-21

Announce what God has done (it is good NEWS. News is meant to be announced).

Justification is foundational, but not everything

-Must be born in a new likeness (transformation)

-Both reconciliation and transformation


1) What Jesus says about “born again”:

-Note John’s emphasis or parallels (night/dark, light/day –> good/evil symbolism).

v.3,5 comparisons (cf. Ezekiel 36:24-27 — born of Water & Spirit).

v. 6 – we bore likeness [duck gives birth to a duck, sin gives birth to sin]

  • For everyone who is born again, you may not be able to explain the mechanics but you can see the effects

The Gospel transforms us (our perspectives, our thoughts, our intentions, our spending, our motivations, etc. etc. etc.)

–It changes EVERYTHING!

2) Why Jesus can speak so authoritatively on this:

v. 11-12

If Jesus is who he says he is, he stands in judgment of us, not vice-versa

Jesus will not be identified as “one more teacher” //

  • If Jesus isn’t the Truth, count Him an idiot, but if He is.. BEND THE KNEE (it if the only appropriate response)

3) How Jesus brings about new birth:

v. 14-15 (cf. Numbers 21:9) –> receive life from a God-provided solution

  • concept of being “lifted up” (before God could be exalted and lifted up in glory, he had to be shamed and lifted up on a cross)

4) Why Jesus was sent to bring about this new birth:

v. 16 – God loves us not because we’re lovable; God loved us even in our wickedness (this demonstrates the kind of God He is, not that we’re deserving)

-This is not “morally blind loving” (loving us and wanting us to stay in sin and self-destruction

God demonstrated His love by coming to us in Jesus to TRANSFORM US.

-v. 17-18 (this is not a neutral world; it is condemned already).

-v. 19-21

Story told (Wayne Wagrund [sp?]) – The Ragman (RAGS!)

  •      “THIS IS THE GOSPEL!!” section [will be developed and more detailed as the sermon comes out in full]

[in this line I will also provide a link to the sermon (audio/video) as it becomes available].

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