Jonathan Edwards’ Resolutions – #5

Resolved, Never to lose one moment of time, but to improve it in the most profitable way I possibly can.

This one should tug at us all pretty specifically. This causes us to raise the question “how is my time being spent compared to how it ought to be?” And I, personally, think this is an area where all of us fall short; and not just from a legalistic viewpoint either. Sure, we can all establish that we ought to read more, or pray more, or talk about Jesus more to coworkers and friends, but this also comes down to desire. If we are so wrapped up in the beauty, majesty, and power of God, we will naturally align ourselves with His ways, and long to know more and more of Him. It’s as we lose that focus that we begin muddying our lives with the mundane things that are ultimately meaningless.

The part that got me is television. This is something that God has been graciously giving me the strength to overcome, but for a while I would watch a few TV shows every week. Now, TV isn’t bad in and of itself, so don’t get me wrong, but God was asking me to lay it down, and it was comfortable for me to keep. It got to a point where I would finish an episode of something and immediately I would feel convicted about how my time was just spent; “great, that could’ve been another hour of reading or pursuing God.” You see, the turning point for me came when I asked myself, “do I want to be known for how much I know about House or Fringe, or how much I know about Jesus and the Bible?” Your priorities and motivations will naturally dictate how you spend your time.

Let us not get so preoccupied with ourselves and our mundane activities that we miss the glorious opportunities God is putting before us. May we not become inundated and numbed with information intake that when we finally squeeze God in there, it’s done out of a task-oriented heart than an urgent, loving, and motivated pursuit of Him.

May we not be afraid to ask God where in our lives we need to simplify and wean out, in order to more “profitably” spend our time for use in advancing His Kingdom; and pray for the grace, mercy, and power to follow through with doing it.


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