Jonathan Edwards’ Resolutions – #2

Resolved, To be continually endeavouring to find out some new contrivance and invention to promote the forementioned things. (See “Resolution 1” post previous to this one for what ‘forementioned things‘ Jonathan Edwards is referring to)

I particularly enjoy this resolution because not only does it touch on all the power and intention/urgency of the first, but it also includes the fact that he wants to continually seek our new ways to come about them; and not only that, but endeavour to do so.

I think it’s so important to constantly examine not only how we are accomplishing these things, but also in what manner. It’s easy for us to begin doing something in the right heart, but gradually get into a rhythm and neglect the heart behind it all. I feel that Mark Batterson says it pretty well when he says “when a routine becomes a routine, break the routine” [if you want a similar post, and see more expansion on this, refer to the post ‘Heuristic Bias’].

Anyways, let’s not overlook the importance of new and unique ways of accomplishing things we’re pursuing. This is applicable across all fields of life, but for this specifically, I think it’s so very important for us to make sure we are pursuing God in a fresh way, that we don’t get stuck in the routine of it all, but are able to continually engage in Him and pursue Him intentionally in our lives.

For me, that is the ultimate basis behind this resolution; may we pursue God not only eagerly and expectantly, but constantly finding new ways to engage in Him and promote His glory in all things.


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