18 – The Missionary

Dr. AJ Gordon refers to an address delivered by a man of God before the London Missionary Society.  By prayerful study this man had sought to reproduce a true picture of the apostolic missionary.  This address created a great tumult when it was delivered, because of the startling contrast it suggested “between the ancient and modern policy of methods and missionary labour.” Dr. Gordon says, “He was addressing a society that a little before had greeted with applause the declaration of a speaker who had said, ‘If I were asked what is the first qualification for a missionary, I would say prudence; and the second, prudence; and the third, prudence.’”  Little wonder that, when this man of God reproduced the apostolic missionary as a man self-abandoned and of sublimely dominant faith, his fleshly brethren were greatly annoyed and aroused to no small commotion.  Here is a portion of that eloquent pen-picture of God’s Apostolic Missionary:


Therefore I say, let this type of missionary stand, that he is a man without the care of making friends or keeping friends, without the hope or desire of worldly good, without the apprehension of worldly loss, without the care of life, without the fear of death; of no rank, country, or condition; a man of one thought, the gospel of Christ; a man of one purpose, the glory of God; a fool, and content to be reckoned a fool, for outlandish nondescript the world may choose to denominate him.  But still let him be nondescript.  When they call him trader, householder, or citizen, man of substance, man of the world, man of learning, or even man of common sense, it is all over with his missionary character.

They must speak or they must die, and although they should die they will speak.  They have no rest, but hasten over land and sea, over rocks and trackless deserts.  They cry aloud and spare not, and will not be hindered.  In the prisons they lift up their voices, and in the tempests of the ocean they are not silent.  Before awful councils and throned kings they witness in behalf of the truth.  Nothing can quench their voice but death, and in the article of death, ere yet the spiry flame and rolling smoke have suffocated the organ of the soul, they speak, they pray, they testify, they confess, they beseech, they warn, and at length bless the cruel people.

-LE Maxwell in Crowded to Christ, page 264-265.

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