Complacency and The Holy Spirit

So this is a huge topic.. an absolutely, uncontainable, huge topic. I won’t be able to fit it into a post, I cannot fit it into a month of prayer, heck, I won’t even be able to fit it into the rest of my life, or yours, or my children’s–it hasn’t even been completed in thousands of years, or since man has even been around.

The topic is that of the Holy Spirit.

Now, I’m not about to go into all the specifics with you about who He is [yes, the Holy Spirit is a ‘he’, not an ‘it’], or every place in the Bible that mentions Him, but I do feel it necessary to talk a little bit about Him, and also give some personal reflection and repentance in my life when I examine these things.

I find it suitable to start with God. He is almighty, all powerful, all knowing, sovereign, the list goes on and on, and we have His Spirit–that same power–within us today. God is calling us to live with that power, with that boldness, confidence, and exposure to the world… and the part that grieves me is in knowing that we’ve fallen so very short. We’ve settled for complacent lives, in comfortable areas, with lives that don’t really look all that different from everyone else around us–whether they know God or not. In a quote from David Platt’s book Radical, he touches on this subject;

We live decent lives in decent homes with decent jobs and decent families as decent citizens. We are decent church members with little more impact on the world than we had before we were saved.

(Page 105, ‘How All of us Join Together to Fulfill God’s Purpose’ — Discipling or Disinfecting?)

And one important thing I want to say here, is that I am in no way exempt from any of this. I am as guilty as anyone else in this world at falling into this routine. I’m at a point where I’m grieved because of it.

My life doesn’t always look all that different at all.

I tend to slip into a lot of the same things, joke around in the same ways, let myself integrate too much at times, and even isolate myself to where there isn’t as much controversy.

Then, and here’s the kicker, I sit and wonder why more people don’t go to church.

I live a life so similar in many ways to everyone else around me, and then wonder why they don’t see something supernatural or worth having when it comes to God.

I’ve been complacent in this issue, and comfortable in the way I live my life so casually indulgent for far too long. I need to move from knowing into responding. I need to begin asking God to filter out the things in my life which are distracting me from Him. I need to allow God–and God alone–to be my ultimate desire, my ultimate joy. I need to not only position Him in the center, and as the foundation, but I also need to take the risk in asking Him to do whatever He wills with my life.

There are so many times where my life just does not add up when I look at the commands Jesus gives us in scripture, and far too often I’m unmoved by it. But for God’s name to be made great in my life, and in this world, it will require us to be uncomfortable, to be unloved by many, and to even be persecuted because of the way we live our lives.

When you hear that, and think about what you do every day, does this even seem like a possibility?

I can’t afford to sit here and be complacent with coming to terms with this information and not doing anything about it.

I can’t afford to be complacent about my walk with God and look at it merely as another activity in my day.

I can’t afford to look at the things I own or the stuff I have, and think that this is all there is.

I can’t afford to sit and do nothing while I know that there are billions en-route to Hell unless someone does something about it!!

God is ready. He is ready to act, He is ready to move, and He is ready to do something through us, in our lives, in this generation, that He has never done before, but it takes our willing obedience and yielding to His call for Him to give us that desire. For me, this wasn’t something that just happened. For me it took filtering out distractions and quieting my life for me to actually hear this call. It took me becoming accustomed with the Father’s voice to actually realize this task.

I cannot sit here any longer and not respond to this.

God is asking for us to lay down our tiny lives, driven by ourselves and our own self-centered desires, in exchange for that which is truly life, in exchange for His name to be proclaimed in this world, in exchange for Him being the one in control–and, in turn, empowering all things which take place.

We can choose to live by our strength, our passions, our desires, and our sinful and broken ways, and end up with no fulfillment, no true joy, and little-to-no impact on the world… OR we can chose God’s power, His wisdom, His knowledge, His guidance, His love, His grace, His peace, His provision, His sacrifice, His commitment, His urgency, and His motivation, and make an impact on this world that shouldn’t make sense, and that points back to Him as the source of all things–and turning this world upside down.

Which one of these would you chose?

I’ve made my decision.


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