Book Review: Stovall Weems – Awakening

In “Awakening”, Stovall Weems works diligently to deliver a fresh perspective on the power and significance of faith in God, fasting, and spiritual freedom.
Through examining the deeper implications of prayer, fasting, and how living a God-centered, God-led life [rather than a superficial, self-driven one] Weems seeks to illustrate how living a powerful life spent for the cause of Christ can be attained.

As described in the foreward, Weems is seeking to cultivate a lifestyle which is marked by “living in His presence, awakened by His Spirit, and walking in His purpose” [p.xiv]

The book is divided more-or-less into two parts, the background and the implementation.

Part one [background] helps us understand the significance of various disciplines [what is means to be ‘awakened’, the significance of fasting, prayer, and God’s heart.
Part two [implementation] provides us with a tangible look at just how to go about the process he had been hinting at the entire book.

– You could really sense throughout the entire book Weems’ passion for this topic. The entire time you could sense him writing with a sense of “I JUST WANT YOU TO GET THIS CONCEPT!!” which added some urgency to the topic at hand.
– The topic of developing an authentic and complete relationship with God is an extremely significant topic, and the way Weems develops the disciplines [and ultimate segwaying into the implementation] gives you a good idea of the foundations before you jump right in.

Some AREAS TO IMPROVE UPON: Some of this is personally noted, so don’t think that I’m calling any of these inherently ‘wrong’ or ‘negative’, but a review is, after all, a personal response to the book.

– Though the book did have a sort of “Purpose Driven Life” feel, I personally am a bit against the “21 Day Plan” sort of process. Like I said above, it may just be me.. and I understand it gives a tangible time frame, but I just felt a little boxed in through that.
– I also felt that the book was very self-help focused. Through the 21 day plan, it seemed that it was very self-developing (though, yes, God-focusing), but it didn’t seem very communal minded, though perhaps it wasn’t intended to be.

These areas to improve in no way impact my outlook on the book, and I feel that Weems is developing a very necessary message for us to truly make sure our eyes are opened to, and that in the end our lives will be glorifying the name of Jesus and we will live intentionally, with a fresh perspective on who our God is, and the impact we have the potential of having.
In cultivating that vision, I feel like this book will be a great tool.

–A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review purposes by the publisher. I was not required to post a positive review and the views expressed in this review are my own.–


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