The Radical Experiment

So I’ve just fully finished the book Radical by Dr. David Platt, and God truly has my life on a path of deeper commitment, devotion, focus, intentionality, and urgency for His Name to be made great in all the earth — this importantly includes the lost in this world who have never heard His word.

Without fluffing this post up much, I am partaking–as of today–in ‘The Radical Experiment’, which is a year-long commitment segmented into 5 parts/challenges:

* To pray for the entire world
* To read through the entire Word
* To commit our lives to multiplying community
* To sacrifice our money for a specific purpose
* To give our time in another context

1) Pray for the entire world – I will be accomplishing this through a daily commitment, partnered with to keep me dedicated in focus, intention, and awareness of each country’s specific areas of praise, as well as areas of need.

2) Read through the entire Word – I’ll be dedicated to this through a chronological bible reading plan.

3) Commit your life to multiplying community – This will be done through serving in my local church, Living Stones, and in putting a high value and focus around community groups and gathering frequently to encourage, be encouraged, build up, and be built up [namely, with a focus on discipling each other and growing in the Gospel].

4) Sacrifice your money for a specific purpose – This will be a difficult process of examining my lifestyle, the things I own, and how I spend my money. I plan on seeing what things I can do without, where I can further limit, and use the excess resources to meet practical need both around me, and in the world.

5) Give your time in another context – This will happen through focusing on how I can get outside of my immediate community to serve God this year. As explained in Radical, the challenge would be spending 2% of my year [which equals out to a week], to have an unexplainable impact on the remaining 98%. What exactly this looks like I’m not entirely sure, but I’m sure as I pray and seek God on this, that it will be revealed.


I wanted to tell all of you about this process so you may be praying for me, and more importantly keeping me accountable.

I could very easily justify my way out of some of these things, rather than keeping an urgency and a focus about this.

I pray that you will labor with me in making sure I am keeping up with this ‘Experiment’, and that you may periodically ask me the progress on these various steps.

Thank you, friends, for your involvement in my life and I pray that I will be able to further influence the Kingdom through this devotion to God in the coming year.

God Bless.


One thought on “The Radical Experiment

  1. Dude awesome post. I will be praying for you and keeping you accountable in the areas you discussed in the post.

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