6 – Dependence

Let us draw in to focus upon Jesus and our desperate need to surrender and depend on Him.

Christianity is not what you can do for God but allowing Him full access into our lives so He can do what He wants through us.  Today’s quote comes from the author of My Utmost for His Highest


The whole purpose of Redemption is to give back to man the original source of life, and in a regenerated man this means “Christ…formed in you.”  Am I willing that the old disposition should be crucified with Christ?  If I am, Jesus Christ will take possession of me and will baptize me into His life until I bear a strong family likeness to Him.  It is a lonely path, a path of death, but it means ultimately being “presenced with Divinity.”  The Christian life does not take its pattern from good men, but from God Himself, that is why it is an absolutely supernormal life all through.


The Cross in actual history is the point where the real Presence of God enters human history; and the point where the real Presence of God enters human life is the moment of absolute surrender, not of religious sentiment.  The first step to sacramental discipleship is the crowning of Jesus as Lord.

-Oswald Chambers


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