2 – Pressed Into Jesus

How far are you willing to go to be pressed into Jesus?  Are you willing for Him to strip you of everything but Himself?  Would you desire Jesus to make everything but Himself taste bland and of little enjoyment?  May these words from L.E. Maxwell literally crowd you into Christ.


If you, my reader, are bent on becoming an utterly believing believer, one who pins all his confidence upon the veracity of God’s naked Word, then hesitate not to take the simple and crucifying, the humbling and purifying way of faith – the only way in which prophets and apostles and martyrs have trod.  Ask God to “put a thorn in every enjoyment, a worm in every gourd,” that would either prevent your being wholly Christ’s or would in any measure retard your growth in faith.  Submit yourself to the divine will and let God cut every idolatrous prop away, whether of feeling or emotion or manifestation.  Why demand to see your own faith, or feel His presence?  Those who have done exploits in the Church of Christ have often experienced the greatest inner desolations.

-L.E. Maxwell
taken from: Crowed to Christ, 23


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