I’ve been having a lot of Dichotomies come up in meditation lately; two ends of the same spectrum, one may say.

A dichotomy of what’s NATURAL:

We have a natural tendency to sin, to feel comfortable in doing what we please, rather than what we should–however, contrasting with the naturally occurring moral code that’s innate with all of us; though we don’t always act on it, we generally know what we should and should not be doing.

I’ve also noticed a dichotomy in our PURSUIT OF GOD:

We’ve all heard and witnessed how tragedy or tough situations draw us closer to God. How in the good times, it seems as if we so often isolate ourselves and our actions–I mean, things are going well, so we don’t need God, right? Yeah.. not so much.

I’m not so much caught up in the fact of why they happen this way, but moreso what we can do about it.

How can we build a habitual relationship with God in such a way that our Moral Code overtakes our Sinful Nature?

How do we stay in such close communion with God that He is amplified in the good times, not abandoned?

What does it take to be left speechless before Him, so everything else dwindles in comparison?

I feel like we may know pieces of answers to this, and none of us will ever get it entirely right, but God is so much bigger than our worldly situational boxes we place Him into, and one day, the walls we’ve built up will have to come down.

Praying the walls come crashing down for you soon as you witness the magnification and intensity of our God.


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