Gospel-Driven Sanctification

The first thing to remember is that we must never separate the benefits (regeneration, justification, sanctification) from the Benefactor (Jesus Christ). The Christians who are most focused on their own spirituality may give the impression of being the most spiritual … but from the New Testament’s point of view, those who have almost forgotten about their own spirituality because their focus is so exclusively on their union with Jesus Christ and what He has accomplished are those who are growing and exhibiting fruitfulness. Historically speaking, whenever the piety of a particular group is focused on OUR spirituality that piety will eventually exhaust itself on its own resources. Only where our piety forgets about us and focuses on Jesus Christ will our piety nourished by the ongoing resources the Spirit brings to us from the source of all true piety, our Lord Jesus Christ.

~Sinclair Ferguson

Through Luke 6, Jesus’ ministry has primarily been about come and see. Crowds have come to see Him preach, teach, perform miracles, cast out demons, heal, and help those who are suffering and needy. In Luke 6:12–16, Jesus calls His twelve disciples to transition from “come and see” to “go and die.” And this is incredibly important. These men’s lives will change, and history will change with it.

We praise God for the come-and-see opportunities. We like to give things away online. We like to invite people to church services. We like to invite people to community groups. We like to invite people to events, relationships, formal and informal ministry, and we’re all about come and see, come and check it out. Come and hear some Bible, meet some people, see some changed lives, get to know us, and what Jesus is doing.

But at some point, to be a Christian, you’ve got to transition from “come and see” to “go and die” and that is, you just can’t watch other people walk with Jesus; you have to go walk with him. You can’t just allow other people to serve you; you need to serve as well. You can’t just allow other people to fund ministry, you need to give generously. At some point, the come-and-see season needs to end and the go-and-die season has to begin.

~Mark Driscoll


I’ve been incredibly challenged by these quotes the past few days. They have stirred in me a desire to not work on my own power, but to expect the sovereign God of all creation to move; to not settle for a personalized understanding of Him, but a socialized outpouring of His Spirit. God is far too incredible to be pent up inside of us, friends.. and that’s [unfortunately] what I’ve been doing.

My prayer is that God may use this to stir something in you, and that we may transition from ‘come and see what Jesus does in community’ to ‘let me show you the power of the Holy Spirit, and how great our God really is‘ [not by our power, but His alone].

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