The Cross; Substitution & Execution

“The cross is not only a past place of objective substitution; it is a present place of subjective execution.” ~ John Piper.

The cross isn’t just the past. It’s not just a place of “it happened then, and did it’s work, so now we can look back on it and say how good it was.” Those things are true, certainly, and it’s important to remember the sacrifice that the cross took, and that Jesus was a purposeful substitution for our sins, but we MUST also see the cross as presently powerful. The cross didn’t just do it’s work then, it’s continuing it’s work today.

Because of the cross Jesus has bridged the unattainable gap between the Father and mankind, who all live in sin. Christ is executing this daily as the cross stands apart from time, and above all time, to bring us ALWAYS closer to the Father, allowing us intimate connection with Him, in an everlasting Grace promised to us because of the work Jesus did, and the life He live perfectly, and obediently sacrificed for each one of us.

“The cross is not responsible for God’s love; rather it was His love which made the cross (and it’s redeeming power) possible” ~ A.W. Tozer.

May we not water down the cross with eloquence, but maintain it’s power and grandeur it deserves.


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