A loss for words

I’m sitting here at a loss for words. I’m reading about the first ever missionary from America, Adoniram Judson, and how God orchestrated events in such a perfect manner that this man would know God’s calling for him and what He wanted him to do.

What stops me in my tracks is the fact that God knows who He wants to every job. God has set in His heart–and in His ultimate wisdom and understanding–each person (or persons) who will accomplish every task God has planned for all of eternity.

The beautiful thing about this is that He does not force us into the mold. He does not push us on the correct path, but rather allows us to chose. We have the capacity to walk step by step in the Lord’s providence, but we also have the haunting choice of choosing otherwise.

What’s even more amazing is the fact that God doesn’t simply give up on us and use another means if it is His will to use us for a given task. God pursues us. He sets His eye on us. Regardless of if we turn from Him and He has to continue putting up roadblocks or opening our eyes once or a million times, if God knows you are the one to accomplish something, He follows through.

Another infinitely satisfying truth is that God will always accomplish His plan, even if we turn away. If God is putting His plan in motion, and in His perfect timing it needs to be accomplished, all the while the person He initially had in mind is refusing alliance with God, Our Lord will still accomplish His plan perfectly.

We are instruments able to be used by God, but if we are disobedient, and acting in contrast to what God wishes, and God needs things to be put into action, God always has alternatives in any situation, and you can be sure that His plan will forever be accomplished–with or without us.

God pursues us.

God wants us to pursue Him–and in pursuing Him, be used by Him.

God has called us to be ‘partakers of the divine nature.’ (2 Peter 1:4)

but if we chose to live in disobedience, His divine nature WILL CONTINUE.

It is our blessing or our burden to bear, and I’m praying that we hear the Holy Spirit calling out to us, that we may make much of God in our lives.


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