The First Law of Alchemy

The first Law of Alchemy is the law of equal exchange, God’s in the business of doing quite the opposite.

Allow me to explain.

The Law of Equal Exchange states that if something is added or removed, a similar thing of the same quantity (value/mass/etc.) is required to balance it out (i.e. if you take out 5 grams of this ingredient, must re-balance by adding back in 5 grams of a similar ingredient, so-as to maintain order).

Even the world operates on this principle. We talk about ‘payback’ and ‘getting even’, of ‘owing you one’ and even think of retaliation when things are done against us in ill-will. A common expression for this throughout history has been ‘an eye for an eye’.

But let us now look to the realm which God operates in.

Let us think of the nature of a blessing. A blessing is outside of this principle.

With blessings, we know we donโ€™t deserve it, our joy rests upon knowing that we donโ€™t deserve it and we’re at peace with knowing that we don’t.

To clarify that briefly, we are aware that the blessing we are receiving (whether it be financial support from the last place we’d expect in a time of need, or even something as simple as an unexpected ‘hello’ or food on the table in front of you) is unmerited. We didn’t do anything to earn the blessing, it was simply showered upon us graciously from powers (most times) beyond our understanding. / Dissecting the second part, our joy rests in the fact that we know we don’t deserve it, but we get it anyways; we don’t deserve grace from God, or love from someone we’ve obviously been wrong to, but when it’s given, there’s joy because it’s an unmerited gift. / Lastly we’re at peace in these things. I’m sure we’ve all heard that our God is not a God of chaos, but of order–and likewise, if it’s something God is directing, there is always a peace about it. This is another one of those things. We’re at peace receiving a blessing or spontaneous gifting because we aren’t held accountable to an ‘earning’ relationship. We don’t receive things because we did a, b, and c, but because our God is a compassionate God who knows how to bring a smile to our face, and we’re at peace and receive them with gratitude and joy, peaceful about the amazing relationship we share with our Father.

Going back to the principle, the Law of Alchemy (and the way in which the world operates) is very meritocratic, you work to earn things, and negatively, we hold an ownership to them. “That’s MY money, why should I give it?” “Why should I talk to him? I don’t know him and this is MY time to do what I want with.” // In seeing things this way, we cling to them, and we puff up ourselves in estimation.

God showers blessings that are undeserved, unmerited, and loves doing so! He will give us blessing upon blessing even if only to show us He cares for us, loves us, and has our best interest in mind.

Praise God that we cannot take credit for the things we receive, but simply reflect them all back to Him and give Him all the glory and honor and power! Amen!


4 thoughts on “The First Law of Alchemy

  1. I was! ๐Ÿ™‚ I had my laptop out, and you were speaking, so I thought, heck.. I should type this (me and my resource-ness once again!)

    And for what it’s worth.. I added ๐Ÿ˜‰ hahaha.

  2. thank you so much, and i love the conection between religion and alchmey. now in your opinoin, is alchemy for or against god?

    • I would say I was referring to “alchemy” in a sense of ‘chemistry’ and transformation of matter, not the definition using “magical processes.” In that respect, I’d say it’s not contradictory to God because Chemistry is adjusting known elements, etc. If I were referring to alchemy in the sense of magical processes, spirits, and incantations, there would definitely be contradictions and conflicting details to the character and sufficiency of God.

      Does that help?

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