Savior, or Fire Insurance?

I read an interesting quote the other day, and you may have heard it as well, but let’s take a look at it:

“If you could go to heaven, and have no pain, no suffering, never thirst or be tired, live a life of complete joy but Jesus wasn’t there, would you still want to go?” ~ John Piper.


Now I’m sure we can all look at that and say what the “Christian Response” is, but I want to take a long hard look at this and really think about the implications.

We all parallel heaven with thinking about perfection, streets of gold, no pain, no suffering, eternal joy, the only light coming from the Father–and all the while illuminating everything. But would you accept all of those things ‘sans-Jesus’?

Are you serving Jesus because you love Him? Or is it because He can save you from going to hell?

Are you picture Jesus as your all-satisfying Savior? Your truth, resurrection, light in the darkness, and ultimate goal? Or are you looking upon Him as fire insurance–simply wishing to satisfy the requirements to keep you from being burned?

Friends, I pray that we may humble ourselves enough to be truthful with what our opinion on this is. I don’t want this to be just another blog I post, another thing read, and back to life and following as usual. I beg you to really meditate on this. //

Are you bowing down before Him, speaking a prayer, walking to the alter, reading your Bible, with a sincere heart, and to gain everlasting life in Jesus, or are you doing these things for the sake of fire insurance, to not go to Hell?

Please pray on these things, friends. It could be on of the most important topics for us that we ever bring to God.

I implore you one last time;

“If you could go to heaven but Jesus wouldn’t be there, would you still want to go?”


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